428,000 Free Tickets

The annual OzzFest concert spectacular in America is similar to the annual Big Day Out summer festival in Australia, with multiple stages, and numerous acts – all from the “hard-rock / heavy metal” family – with Ozzy Osbourne finishing the show.

This is a touring show – hitting 24 cities through-out America.  

And – this year – the festival is FREE !

When Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne and the world’s largest live music company, Live Nation, announced in February their plans to stage the 2007 Ozzfest as a free show, some industry people said it would never work.

…various sponsor sites, including Monster Energy, Jagermeister, FYE, Pilgrim Films, Hustler Lingerie and WWE

LiveNation.com enabled fans to enter exclusive codes to obtain tickets beginning Friday, June 8. More than 228,000 tickets were distributed yesterday alone, with the last ticket given away just after midnight.

The tickets were completely free without surcharges of any kind.

An amazing achievement – hopefully the first of many.   I wonder how much spam and adverts the fans will have to endure though.   (Hustler Lingerie !!?!!)

Imagine if the singers of bands such as Lamb Of God and Hatebreed have to spout infomercials between songs !!

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