New PC

Have spent the last few evenings installing and configuring my new PC.   Was a bit tricky putting my old hard drive into the new case (only one IDE slot !) – lots of SATA slots which is good.

And getting used to the new keyboard, with the ‘curve’ – will take a bit to get used to.   New router is great, setup XBox, and wireless for laptop too.

New printer is a behemoth – USS Enterprise !    Haven’t got it printing yet, but done the pre-warp ink-pot checks and sample printing.

As for the running of the PC – well, I was able to run Windows XP (VM) with 1024 MB RAM – as well as a Windows Server 2003 VM – with 1024 MB RAM (also) – and the main PC was running fine !

Here’s the updated Windows Experience Index (compared to my old system) :


And just a “few” drive letters taken up – FOUR of these are for the USB card reader – and another (GW2) is my portable drive.

Nearly 500 GB ready to fill !    *yay*    (320 GB SATA + 200 GB IDE)



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