Tech.Ed 2007 bits – Silverlight + Acropolis

Lots of great news, posts & articles spilling out of Tech.Ed 2007 (Florida), with a few tidbits that I thought I’d mention :

Could Silverlight 1.1 assemblies be generated with Visual Studio .NET 2005 ?

Well, if you read the GetStarted page of Silverlight you see only upcoming Visual Studio codename Orcas as development platform.

Well, in VS2005 you can create a class library which will build against the Silverlight runtime, but it’s a little work.

Full Story

Might have to give that a go !

Like with any .NET application, you can simply use “notepad” if you’re a bit of a sadist, and have lots of spare time.

I was thinking about how I could do this with Notepad.

Of course, I will miss the great Intellisense support which you will get with Visual Studio, but sometimes I would like to do small changes

i.e. directly on the Web server where I have no Visual Studio installed.

Full Story

Thanks to Michael Schwarz for both of those articles.

Some other Tech.Ed 2007 stuff :


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