Long live "The Palace"

Well, in memories at least.  It sounds like the long-running battle to retain “The Palace” in St.Kilda has been run & lost, with the announcement that the venue will be closed, and bulldozed !

St Kilda’s Palace entertainment complex is to close next month after giving up a long-running battle over a planned $350 million redevelopment of the site.

The venue’s operators, Bradto Pty Ltd, today released a statement announcing The Palace would close on June 12.

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A bit sad actually – it’s one of the few GREAT venues for up-and-close gigs, especially the smaller Heavy Metal shows.   Here’s a list of some of the bands I’ve seen there – from the first show in 1990 (in no particular order) :

  • Faith No More
  • L7 – the first show I ever stage-dived, back when I was 18 years old, and about 18 kgs less !
  • Kings Of The Sun – with The Screaming Jets as 1st band – to about 80 people, their first ever show in Melbourne
  • Alice In Chains – tumbled over the crowd – onto the stage, and dived into the crowd after a push from (lead singer) Layne Staley
  • Nirvana (!)
  • Suicidal Tendancies
  • Scatterbrain
  • Anthrax
  • Fear Factory (x3)
  • Rollins Band – was on the barrier, and shook hands with Mr. Henry Rollins
  • silverchair – filmed for MTV, to launch their “FreakShow” album.  Over-18’s pub show – except “the band” !!
  • Sepultura
  • Foo Fighters
  • Incubus
  • Grinspoon
  • Filter + Shihad
  • System Of A Down
  • DefTones
  • Lamb Of God

I’m sure there’s MANY more than I just can’t recall – will update as I remember more !


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