Q & A: Trent Reznor lets rip at ignorant record companies

Trent discusses the recent shows in Melbourne, and the “record industry” situation – regarding downloading music, and ripping off the fans !!

…do you have any idea how to approach the release of your next album?

If I could do what I want right now, I would put out my next album, you could download it from my site at as high a bit-rate as you want, pay $4 through PayPal.

Come see the show and buy a T-shirt if you like it.

I would put out a nicely packaged merchandise piece, if you want to own a physical thing.

And it would come out the day that it’s done in the studio, not this “Let’s wait three months” bullshit.

A great interview – also, interestin to hear about the the Year Zero “Alternate Reality Game” (ARG), and how the record companies are claiming credit for THAT too !!

Source: Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails | Herald Sun


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