Developing Fine Motor Skills

Like any little boy, our lad Cameron loves cars, trucks & diggers.   He was obsessed with diggers & cranes & bulldozers for a while – it’s been great having the EastLink project underway nearby, as he can see all the construction machinery from the park at the end of our street.

He amazed us around Christmas time, when we were walking up the street, and he said “Grandma” when a car identical to hers drove past – and a few days later, said “bashtiun” when he saw a Magna identical to his playgroup buddy Sebastian.

In the last few months (since he turned 2), he’s been spotting cars in the street, and shopping carparks – and calling out the names.   And, I show him “wallpaper” photos of sports cars when sitting him on my knee in the study – and he knows the difference between a “Ferrari” and a “Porsche”.  

He was even wanting to read “Wheels” as a bedtime story book for a while too !

He’s only 2 years old (+ 3 months) – but this is what he can (already) recognize – and what he says when he sees it :

  • Audi
  • Mercedes Benz (me-benz, say-dees)
  • Porsche
  • Honda
  • Holden (we have a Commodore wagon – although it’s “Cammun’s Hole-dunn”)
  • Ford
  • VW (although he says “Golf” – his Auntie Kath+Mel has one)
  • Ferrari (fra-ree)
  • Nissan (when you ask him about Grandma’s car – he says “white wissun”)
  • Mitsubishi (bishi – or more often, “Granddad Bishi”)
  • Lamborghini (gee-ni)
  • Aston Martin (me-martin)
  • Mazda (mad-sza)
  • Hummer
  • BMW (bee-emm)
  • Peugeot (gets confused with Holden sometimes – similar logo)
  • Subaru (su-bru – his Auntie Mandy has one – so it’s often “Mandee Su-bru”)

Donna has said she’s already learnt more about different sorts of cars – from a two-year-old !!

Being a car-nut myself, it’s great to see that he’s following in his dad’s footsteps !    But, more importantly, is the pattern recognition, which is a vital skill to develop – and will help him when it comes time to differentiating between ABC and 123.  

He’ll probably learn his letters and numbers – from reading car “number plates” !!


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