Review – Nine Inch Nails (x2)

Yep – OK, so I was “speechless” – but it was more that I had so much to tell, and it was nearly 1am on a school night – had to get to bed. 

I’d been eagerly awaiting seeing Nine Inch Nails, so much that I joined the fan club to ensure that I wouldn’t miss out on tickets at a relatively small venue in Melbourne (The Metro).

Went along to the show (Sun 13th) with some buddies from SDM, we were chatting lots before and after the support band (Serena Maneesh).

I was amazed that we were going to be so close to the band, and get to hear some of the new Year Zero songs.   Trent just strode out of the fog, and into the first song – before the lights had even dimmed – caught everyone by surprise.

Some great classics, and good to hear the new YZ songs – they really worked well “live”.  Lights were scaled back for a smaller venue, but still better than a “club show” would ordinarily be. 

Not sure what happened, but about 2/3 through, things took a turn for the worse.   Trent had a laptop and slide guitar rig that wouldn’t work – and had to abandon it (with idiots yelling out “c’mon / play something”).   Could sense that Trent was annoyed – “that’s what you get for try to make music with computers”.

Shortly after – during “Only” – his guitar wouldn’t work.  He kinda strummed along saying “I’ll keep going till it starts – could be a few minutes, could be a few hours”.   They ended up playing the song without his guitar.

And then – during the soulful & heart-renching classic “Hurt” – idiots were yelling out to him stuff like “what’re you doing after the show” and so on.   A song about a near-death ordeal, and heroin addiction – and people are fucking around – and laughing.   Even *I* was getting annoyed.

He suddenly STOPPED the song mid-sentence – and said “you think I can’t hear you arseholes ?    whatever, let’s move on”.   He then skipped the rest of the song – I have never seen ANY band do that before.

They did one more song – with a look of “obligation” on their faces.   And then left.    It was going sooo amazing till the last 15-20 mins – probably missed out on 2-3 songs due to his tantrum, and shitty mood.    Felt a bit hollow afterwards – like we’d been a “bad crowd” – but was still an amazing show.

Here’s the setlist (thanks to nin-thespiral and echoingthesound) :        

Sunday 13th (19 songs)

Somewhat Damaged
You Know What You Are?
March Of The Pigs
The Beginning Of The End      [one of my fav’s from new YZ album]
Ruiner      [RUINER !!]
Burn        [one of my fave’s – was hoping they’d play it]
Gave Up       [mosh went mental – and so did Andy !]
Help Me I Am In Hell
The Frail       [was NOT followed by The Wretched – a bit odd]
The Good Soldier

Capital G       [first time they’ve ever played it live]
Hurt      [cut half way through]
The Hand That Feeds

Another reviewer of the same show @ The Age


I’d left the show pretty happy – and wondered how the next TWO shows would be.   After some web-site checks on Tuesday morning, it sounded like the Monday night show was a 150%’er – with Trent making up for the previous night (ie. the show that *I* was at !)

He made some comment like “a good show at last – I was close to quitting and becoming a gardener”.

Something told me that the LAST show would be a killer – so I quickly checked Ticketek – and nabbed a single ticket for the show that evening !   Last minute decision – I was shaking with excitement and antipation.

Was even fun to attend on my own, I chatted to a few people before NIN came on, talking about the Sunday night show – and other gigs.   The atmosphere was electric – everyone was sensing something incredible.

Well – here’s the setlist firstly – with the repeated songs hightlighted – ie. those that were played at BOTH shows I’d attended.

In total, only NINE songs that were repeated – making the “total” list of songs that *I* saw/heard was 32 songs (!)

Tuesday 15th (22)

You Know What You Are?
Terrible Lie
March Of The Pigs
The Frail
The Wretched
Capital G
The Line Begins To Blur
Help Me I Am In Hell
Me, I’m Not
The Day The World Went Away
The Good Soldier
The Big Come Down
No, You Don’t
Down In It
The Hand That Feeds
Head Like A Hole

I’m not proud of the next statement, and hate hearing whiny school-girls saying it on the train…    but…    OH MY GOD !!    This was the single most incredible concert experience of my life !!

Starting the show with “Hyperpower” was much better – an instrumental with full lighting – before Trent came out to jump into “You Know What You Are”.

I jumped and moshed and bounced like there was no tomorrow.   And songs like “Heresy” and “Reptile” had one guy near me screaming in delight – until I realised that it was ME who was screaming !!       (a bit hoarse in the voice today @ work)

And the laptop + guitar rig worked fine for “Me, I’m Not” – cool electronica song – aka Chemical Brothers – or Kraftwerk.  

No technical hitches – not that I noticed, other than a few thrown guitars (for stage effect only ?)

“The Frail and The Wretched” – the way it was supposed to be – they just fit.

No “Hurt” though – I wonder if he’ll ever play that song again ?!?    Kinda feel bad that the last time it was played was the crowd-yelling+cut-it-short version.  

And no “Closer” – wouldn’t be surprised if he’s “shelved” it – got some many other great tracks they can play.

Amazing lightshow – better sound – better crowd – and happy Trent.     He made comments like “It’s our last show in Australia – so MARCH !!”    (and into “March Of The Pigs”)

At one point, he said “we thought it was going to be cold, so we packed our winter clothes.   Dunno where I was going with that thought, but…”     It WAS damn hot in there – but the fact that Trent was babbling on about the weather tells how relaxed & chilled he was – being conversational.

And – he even commented “thanks for being a cool crowd”.    I guess the news about his tantrums had been heard – and you could tell the crowd had a different attitude.    Dunno if there were more drunk idiots – or freebie-ticket-winners on Sunday night – or what it was.   Just an “off night”.

The closing song “Head Like A Hole” was incredible – with the ENTIRE floor section moshing as one flowing mass of bodies. 

And to top it off, I nabbed TWO guitar picks that had been thrown out into the crowd.

Jeez – I don’t think I can go to another concert ever again – it will always be compared to May-15 – and I’ll end up disappointed.

*fingers crossed*   NIN are coming back in September to play the postponed shows – maybe another visit to Melbourne ?!?!!


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