CD price rip-off

A SHOPPING trip has ended in a record label stoush for touring American, Nine Inch Nails rock star Trent Reznor.   In Melbourne for three sold-out gigs that ended last night, Reznor was furious to find his band’s latest album selling for $10 more than other Top 40 CDs.

At his first tour stop in Brisbane, he demanded an explanation from a sales rep from his record label, Universal Music.

“He goes, ‘Oh, because your packaging is a lot more expensive’,” Reznor said.

“I know how much the packaging costs — it costs 83c more to have a CD with the colour-changing ink on it.

“I’m taking the hit on that, not them. So I said, ‘It doesn’t cost $10 more’.

“He goes, ‘You’re right, it doesn’t. Basically it’s because we know you’ve got a core audience that’s gonna buy whatever we put out’.

“I said, ‘That’s the most insulting thing I’ve heard. I’ve garnered a core audience that you feel it’s OK to rip off?

Reznor made Universal staff buy their own concert tickets.

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