Twitter + Twitteroo

Like blurg, I’ve created a Twitter account – how could I resist with the invitation stating “sign up for twitter, bitch !” 

Surprisingly addictive, it’s cool to just add a quick comment about what’s happening “right now” – rather than a longer blog post, with links, pictures and all.  And, was able to add a twitter (tweet) from my iMate smartphone, during a meeting @ work.

Found a few different tools – all Twitter tools and mashups in one place – with the best of them being Twitteroo.   A simply installing – and tray-icon – and easy to do a post, and read what others are twitter’ing.

I was in the city over the weekend, and was tying to nab some free wireless connectivity – to be able to twitter online !    *sheesh*

For my mobile (PDA), initially just using (there’s even a “m-twitter” website).   I’ll have to investigate and try out the “send an SMS” approach – and can twitter from ANYWHERE !!!

Behold my twitter :

Update : Sounds like the SMS’ing within Australia is limited to sending a text message to the U.K. service – and would be more expensive.   Twitter are working on an alternative – will update when I hear more.

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