Home-town Tourists

As much fun as it is to travel and sightsee, there’s also a lot of interesting sights within our own town – Melbourne.

Donna, Cameron and I headed into the city (or “sitt-ee” as Cameron kept chanting) to explore and chill out, and stay over night.   Just got home, exhausted – and felt like away for a few days, not just over night.

  • Checked in to Clarion Suites – nice little 1 bedroom unit with kitchen & all
  • Just on the city circle (free) Melbourne tram – no ticket inspectors to worry about.    😉
  • Around to Docklands, and wandered near the boats & all – stopped for coffee & cake
  • Back onto the tram, and off again at Melbourne Central
  • Wandered through shops – as Cameron slept in pram
  • Donna hadn’t been there before – showed her the “shot tower”
  • Melbourne Central is “alive” again – after nearly dying off after Diamaru collapse
  • Had chips from Lord Of The Fries near Flinders St station – yummo !
  • Back to the hotel – and off for swim in the pool – before showers & ready for night out
  • Southbank – great dinner @ La Camera – our new favourite restaurant
  • Ice Cream at Trampoline – grumpy chicks behind the counter (on a Sat. night)
  • Saw huuuge black stretch Hummer limo outside Crown Casino – Cameron VERY excited
  • Back to apartment – Cameron to bed in porta-cot – and watch DVD in bed

*phew*   And that was just a half-day outing.    And then Sunday morning also :

  • Let mum sleep in a bit – and had presents & cards – and hugs from Cameron (Mother’s Day !)
  • Checkout and load car, before over to Crown Casino (Automatic) for breakfast
  • Bacon & eggs, coffee – and Cameron had toast, and 3 jam portions – eaten “raw”
  • Wander, wander, wander – end up at Birrarung Marr
  • Onto the ferris wheel – great views of the city
  • Wandered back to car, and home again !   

Lovely afternoon/evening/morning in our fine city – with weather to match.   I love Melbourne !

Now gotta go mow lawns, more digging.   😦    Have to get it done before next weekend with DINGO coming.  

And then Nine Inch Nails tonight – no word on a cancellation, or postponed !    *fingers crossed*


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