MSN Messenger – Time

I have a few buddies in other parts of the world, and it’s often useful to know what time it is in their neck-of-the-woods.   Rather than have to work out time-zones, and whehter they’re on day-light savings or not, there’s a simply check-box within MSN Messenger that adds the time to each message.

Also useful, if I’ve left my computer on overnight, and someone messages me, as I can quickly see what time it arrived.

Just need to do the following (within MSN Messenger – I’m using v8.1):

  • Click Tools, Options
  • Switch to the Messages “tab”
  • Check the box for Show timestamps on messages

That’s all – and then your messages (TO & FROM) will look like this >

GrumpyWookie Says (04:59 PM) :

     Wanna go to the pub ?!?


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