NINE INCH NAILS Puts Songs On BitTorrent

Seems like Trent Reznor is well aware of the issues with the Music Industry these days.  Rather than try to fight the “download” epidemic out there, he’s actually “embracing” it.   It’s not like he would need the money !    

Trent Reznor has posted three songs from the band’s new “Year Zero” album onto a file-sharing network based on the popular BitTorrent software.

The tracks appeared on a Swedish torrent site called Pirate Bay, which bills itself as the world’s largest BitTorrent tracker.

The songs are available for fans to either listen to or remix. NINE INCH NAILS has also hinted that the entire “Year Zero” album will soon be available on torrent networks.

Full Story

And this – from the official Nine Inch Nail site :

As a reward for stealing Year Zero, we’ve prepared the next batch of multi-track audio files for you to download.

<links to torrent files>


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