Wikipedia Explorer

Wikipedia is an online Encylopedia, allowing for searching & linking – with the content open to all for collaboration, meaning that anyone can edit/post topics. 

As such, it’s often the best source of information most topics.  (p.s.   You can do Wiki’s in Sharepoint now !)

Using the latest WPF technologies, Dot Net Solutions has crafted an application to browse Wikipedia, entitled (ingeniously) Wikipedia Explorer.

Compared to the standard text only view of articles, Wikipedia Explorer deals with and displays the relationships between the articles in a graphical view.

There are THREE views – Document, 3D-Explorer and Network, as well as the normal “search” box.

Not sure how useful this is, but it looks cool !!    And the lads in the office here are big fans of Wikipedia – will have to see how they go with Wikipedia Explorer.

I wonder if it can handle a MOSS wiki ?!?

Source: Dot Net Solutions – Wikipedia Explorer


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