(1/5 = 1/3) ?!?

Well, it’s nearly the end-of-April, meaning that 1/3 of the year has already passed us by.  And so – 1st May (1/5) will be the marker for 1/3 of the year !

So many people make New Years resolutions, and plans for the year – and then it gets to Christmas, and people say “jeez – haven’t done that !!”  

So – how about an interim “review” then ?   I can my eyes back to the start of the year (link), what’s happened so far (what have I achieved ?!?) : 

  • GrumpyWookie – lots of posts.     Yep – that’s for sure !
  • Have presented at user group (MOSSIG / K2)
  • Have begun playing squash once a week – but only used the gym in the garage 2-3 times (!)
  • Back garden – yep, got those damn conifers gone.   (Much swearing & digging)
  • Baby on the way.   Yep – another “tick” on the list !
  • And a few unexpected’s – such as the new devK2.net blog/site, and Microsoft Certified exam (free TechNet = free Windows Vista !)
  • Also, have just ticked over the 18-month mark @ SDM – along with a nice ca$h bonus following the successes of July-December 2006.

How has your year been so far ?

Of course – there are a few on the list that I haven’t done (!)

  • Read a book – instead of crappy TV.  Has been more PC time instead of junk on telly – but no “reading” to report !
  • Front garden mower strip – have done another 1/4 of it – and stalled again (!)
  • Download addiction – still a bit of a collector, with many movies and music unwatched/unlistened.

Next few months will be busy for us, with the arrival of baby(2) in October.  We’re (starting) to get into some major renovations in the back-yard, will take us through the winter months I think.  And – the all important “study room” at our house – so that we have somewhere to PUT the new bub !

Work-wise, I’ll be dev’ing on a full-on ASP.NET project for the next few months, with “unknown” as next on the list.  Plenty of time to get into more K2.NET and Black Pearl – hopefully to present a session at Tech.Ed later this year.

And – many more fun times spent with my buddy Cameron, and darling Donna.   And then, the “3-of-us” will become the “4-of-us” !!

Let’s not forget music – with Nine Inch Nails in about 6 weeks – yay !


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