OMG-WTF Programming Contest

One of my favourite blog sites is, which was previously    Basically, some funny stories about programming & IT related mis-haps – ie. what NOT to do.

In the same vein, there is a now a “programming contest”, but writing well-documented, legible & efficient code will actually put you in LAST place :

…the goal of the OMGWTF contest is to solve an incredibly simple problem using the most obscenely convoluted way imaginable.

And for this first contest, the simple problem is to build and implement the logic for a four-function calculator.

  • Ugly Code, which is unreadable, unmaintainable, and difficult to understand. We’ve all seen it plenty times (both at work and on this site): single letter variable names, no subroutines, and so on. It’s like building a bench out of rough timber.
  • Buggy Code, which simply riddled with bugs. Null pointers, memory leaks, divide by zeros, etc. It probably works most of the time when used exactly as intended, but any deviation will cause it crashing to a halt. It’s like building a bench using finishing nails and scotch tape.
  • Clever Code, which is unconventional and solves a problem that may or may not be solvable with conventional means. Duff’s Device is a good example of “clever code,” as are many of the samples seen on this site. It’s like building a bench by planting and grafting several small trees together.
  • Will be fun to see how this contest progresses – but I don’t think I’ve got the “skills” to enter, because – (1) C / C++    (2) I’m a good developer !!

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