Digital Home – Banned IP Addresses

A recent Google search returned some links @ the Digital Home website located in Canada.  But, when attempting to view the forum post, I was greeted with the following message :

Sorry. The administrator has banned your IP address. Please read here

 So – clicked to read more – and this is the explanation :

Digital Home regrets that your IP address has been banned and rest assured it is nothing against you personally.

Digital Home Canada has banned hundreds of millions of IP addresses from outside of North America and unfortunately you have been caught in that ban.

The reason we have banned so many IP addresses is due to the large number of spammers we get from outside of North America.

In our research, we found that close to 95% of posts made by members outside of North America was simply spam so we were forced to take these measures.

WTF ?!?

Yes – I’m located in Australia – BUT – 95% of posts “was simply spam” ?!?   Sorry Hugh – but I would expect that 95% would be from “within” America !!  


Full Story : Banned IP Addresses on the Digital Forum


One thought on “Digital Home – Banned IP Addresses

  1. Over 3 years later, this is still going on.

    I am in the UK, and simply can’t browse anything from the Digital Home forum, except on very rare occasions.

    I understand they basically ban all IP addresses outside North America. But they don’t even have this explanation on their website any more, if you click “read here”, you just get a form to send a message to the owner. Very poor show.


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