Papervision3D – Open Source Flash (ActionScript)

Following some discussion at work re: North Face, I’d passed on a link to a video clip about the “kiosk” application using Avalon (now WPF) – shown aaages ago at the PDC (2005).  This was a thick-client PC application – but the new WPF/E allows for this to be rolled onto a browser – like with Flash.

Well – seems like there’s an add-on for Flash, that will allow for some funy cool 3d graphics – using an open-source product called Papervision 3d.

Have a look at this demo – of the re-kiosk’ed North Face demo.

And this demo is pretty funny – with four video clips playing simultaneously – just mouse-over to hear the sound for each clip.

I used to do a fair amount of development using Flash, just when ActionScript‘ing was beginning (now version 3.0).  It was a big bonus to be able to use an XML Web Service and/or some ASP code to dynamically control the UI.  Up until then, it had simply been a “flashy” animation tool.

Anyway – just interesting to see the evolution of some technology that I used to be into. 

It’s now an Adobe product – no longer Macromedia – or Microsoft. 

Which means it’s the last time it’ll be mentioned @   🙂


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