ASP.NET AJAX + Validators = trouble

Have been developing some funky pages using ASP.NET AJAX controls – trouble is, there is a mismatch in the “partial rendering” when dealing with validator controls.

The problem I’ve been having is as follows :

* Data row in gridview

* RequiredFieldValidators on the “footer” row – for inserting

* RequiredFieldValidator on the “edit” row – for editing (!)

Trouble is, that the validators for the “footer row” were showing (firing) when updating the “item” row.

The solution is to use some “patch” validator controls :

So, in the short-term, the source code for a set of custom validator controls that work with partial rendering is available here.

If you’re having the same problems, then click here for some info.  

It requires you to download some assemblies (DLLs) – and add a WEB.CONFIG file to your project, and all will be OK.

Hopefully there will be a permanent fix soon – not good to have to use “tagMapping” in the web.config – spaghetti !!


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