RIAA Goes After NINE INCH NAILS Fans Over Deliberate Leak Campaign

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), which has become notorious for suing anyone from high school students to retirees for downloading music from the web, has gone after web sites such as Idolator that have posted leaked songs from the upcoming NINE INCH NAILS album, “Year Zero”.

The problem, however, is that the tracks were leaked intentionally.

…leading one industry source to say, “These f***ing idiots are going after a campaign that the label signed off on.”

Several songs from the album were left on computer hard drives at venues on the band’s current European tour, with fans finding and posting them on the web for others to download and swap.

NINE INCH NAILS frontman Trent Reznor views the campaign as a “new entertainment form.”

The source added that the campaign will continue for the next 18 months.

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Idolator :

You’d think that a trade group that supposedly “supports and promotes [its] members’ creative and financial vitality” would at least check with said members before running off to suppress its artists’ creative impulsives.

RIAA Serving As Vaccine For Nine Inch Nails’ Viral-Marketing Scheme

Even Trent Reznor Wants To Give The RIAA A Smackdown


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