The force is strong – but only in America

A while ago (over a year), the MSDN Events & Webcasts site introduced the “Source Fource” – with FOUR collectible squishy figuirines.

This was a spin-off from the original Channel-9 guy – who watches over my coding efforts, and attempys to fight off Duncan (the do-wrong punishment chicken).

Anyway – the “Source Fource” consisted of the following “Limited Edition Developer Action Figures” :

* MSDN WebCast Guy

* Visual Studio Guy

* SQL Server Gal

* Virtual Labs Guy

BUT – the big problem was that these “dudes” were only available within America – for the first 5,000 residents of U.S. (and Canada) to watch an MSDN WebCast.


Well – there’s more to collect – and the Aussie dev-gang has been stiffed again !!

* Windows Vista Sensei

* Office Master

* ISV Super Girl

How cool would these “dudes” be on my dev-desk, but alas – only limited to residents of U.S. and Canada.


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One thought on “The force is strong – but only in America

  1. Hey there. It’s George from MSDN Webcasts. I just got back from serving with the US Army in Afghanistan a few weeks ago, and I’m slowly ramping up on MSDN Webcasts again.

    According to my partner in crime, Bryan Baker, we contacted the Aussie Developer Platform and Evangelism (DPE) group and offered to let them pick up shipping costs and pay for some action figured, they didn’t want to. We explained that this was an effort paid for by the US and thus we didn’t have the resources to outfit the world, however we’d be more than happy to work with them and get them in touch with folks who can make them and provide them for our customers down under. It’s $2 bucks a action figure to make, but definitely worth it for our customers. Do you guys talk to the Micorsoft folks down there? If so demand that they get in touch with MSDN Webcasts USA, and we’ll put them in touch with Sunrise marketing, whow will get them prouced and shipped to Australia, quicker than Office Master’s famous karate chop.

    Warmest Regards,

    George, MSDN Webcasts

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