Expensive Tastes (but dreams are free)

Cameron has taken his love (obsession) with cars to a new level.   For some reason, he’s loving AUDI’s – including spotting them at the shops – and calling out “audiii ! “

Could be to do with his Dad showing him car brochures (ie. Me !) that he nabbed at the recent Melbourne International Motor Show.

He now wants to read these car brochures as a bed-time story – instead of “the wheels on the bus”, it’s the “wheels on the audi” !

And, he’s loving looking at photos and videos on the internet, whilst sitting on my lap.

One of his favourites is the AUDI S/RS “micro-site” with lots of photos and details about the “sport” series of Audi’s.

Check out the Audi S6 with it’s 5.2 litre V10 engine !    Only $195,000 AUD.

Or the Audi RS4, with a 4.2 litre V8 – in a car that’s about the size of a Mazda 6 – 330 kW engine !    Jeez !

OK – so I’m starting to see where Cameron gets his obsession from.

Other “Cameron news” – but still car-related.   He greeted me at the door last night, showing me a toy car (Hot Wheels).

He kept saying “Martin, Martin” – I was thinking he had a play-group buddy called Martin or something.

But no, it was an Aston Martin !     Expensive tastes indeed !

We’d better start work on his tennis career – and/or playing guitar for a big rock band @ Big Day Out in 2022 (age 17).

Lastly – his vocab has been increased to include the words “correct !” – as well as “awesome” and “wicked”.    Very funny indeed.


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