YCMTSU (You can’t make this shit up)

Is this an example of life-imitating-art ?  Or life-imitating-punchline

A great story (supposedly true) about a guy who was pulled for speeding :

The officer pulls me over, checks my creds (license, insurance), etc and comes back to the car window.  This takes about 4 minutes.  Technology is great.

Officer: “It’s 9:40, and I get off work at ten.  I would rather get home on time.  Give me ONE GOOD REASON not to give you a ticket and I’ll let you go”.

I remembered a joke I read on the Internet over a year ago:

“Well, officer, to tell you the truth – my wife ran off with a cop over a year ago.  I was afraid you were trying to bring her back”.

The cop immediately burst into a snorting laughter and patted me on the shoulder telling me, “You can go – keep it slow”.

And that’s how the Internet saved me over a hundred dollars tonight.

Really.  YCMTSU.

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