Monkey boy

Have been spending many hours in the garden lately, with one of my buddies over to swing a chainsaw about to cut down two “conifer” trees, in preparation for a kids’ play-area / sandpit.

Over the (long) weekend, I dug & swore at the tree-stump for ONE of the conifer trees – with victory on Sunday morning.  The other stump will be sworn at this coming weekend.

The other achievement over the weekend was the purchase & construction (more swearing) of Cameron’s new “swing set”.

For some reason, the various models of swing-set are named after different monkeys – chimpanzee, gorilla, orangutan, lemur, marmoset and gibbon !      See here.

Who came up with those names ?!?      Marmoset ?   and Lemur ?

Anyway – the monkey bar set that we’ve put together for Cameron is this one.

And you know the saying “there’s always one bit missing” – yep, one of the plastic pieces was missing.   *jeez*   Cameron hasn’t minded though – he’s been laughing away in the “boat swing” – on the right-hand side in the picture above.

I think he’s still in there from last night – well, he would be, if it was up to HIM to decide.   If we’d brought him a pillow and a blanket, I’m sure he woulda slept there !

Our little baby boy has a swing-set !    Becoming a “kid” very quickly.


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