Updated Gadget

With the move across to Windows Vista, I had to (of course) make use of my wonderful sidebar gadget that displays newspaper articles from The Age and Sydney Morning Herald (self-dog-fooding ?)

 To my amazement (horror), there was an error message being displayed – for XMLHTTP.  Not sure if that’s something that changed with the RTM version of Windows Vista – it wasn’t a problem before (RC2).

Anyway – I had to update/fix the code – turned out to be fairly trivial.

While I was in the mood, I thought I’d do a bit more work on the gadget – and include a “flyout”.

This uses the “Top Ten Articles” – from either The Age or Sydney Morning Herald – in a larger font, and with 10 articles displayed, rather than 5.

NB.  The mini-view (sidebar) shows the “Most Viewed Articles” – where as the full (flyout) shows the “Top Ten Articles” – there is a slight difference in the content.


Click here to download the new version for Windows Vista (RTM).


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