Only took until midnight

Well, have spent a frustrating evening installing & configuring (& swearing) at Windows Vista – “ultimate” headaches, I reckon !

Had some major troubles with the ATI graphics driver/s for my Radeon 9600. Would install/update correctly – but not “start” – and showed an error in the device manager.

Even downloading the latest Vista driver from ATI didn’t help. Downloaded the “previous” driver – and then things got worse !

This somehow conflicted with my network card – and sound card – and couldn’t get Vista back on the internet – and a USB-to-PCI conflict also – system devices. Must’ve had a dozen or more re-boots.

So, back to square 1. Re-formatted, and re-installed (!)

And searched some newsgroups, and help sites. Turns out the AGP driver for the motherboard was conflicting – and also went with the “RTM” version of the ATI drivers – rather than the most recent (or 2nd most recent – disasterous !)

Anyhoo – have Aero Glass working now, and at full 1600×1200 resolution – and it looks sweeeeeet !

Sound card & network card working OK too – just the printer, and scanner that aren’t happy at the moment. But – will look at that tomorrow.

Your computer has a Windows Experience Index base score of 3.8

That’s not too bad, eh ? (considering my PC is nearly 4 years old !)

I had hoped to install Office-2007 as well – but it’s just about to hit midnight – and I have a headache (!) Off to bed, then.

Some links – if you’re having the same troubles :

KB article that helped in the end – 737-25973: Code 43 Error on Display Adapter in the Device Manager of Windows Vista

ATI Driver that finally worked for me – Catalyst Beta Display Driver for Windows Vista RTM (32 bit)


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