More NIN-ness

Seems like the Trent Reznor juggernaut has hit full swing – with the viral marketing around the new “Year Zero” album – due out in mid-April.

Aside from this (more in a sec), there was the release of the Beside You In Time live DVD – in multiple formats DVD, Blu-Ray and HD-DVD.

From what I’ve seen of it, it looks amazing – would be awesome on Blu-Ray (!)

Year Zero
Check out the cover artwork for the album, looking very “alien” – ie. the presence.

And – there’s even a “trailer” for the album – as you would have with a movie – to continue the concept album theme.

There’s now FOUR songs been released (leaked ?) – as well as a few more of the apocalyptic websites popping up :

  • Art Is Resistance – sounding like a call-to-arms for the “resistance” movement. Includes some “tools” – which equates to Wallpaper, Icons and PDF’s for printing. Essentially, fan-tools to continue the hype.
  • Hollywood In Memoriam – tribute site to when a bomb exploded during the re-carpet arrival of the Oscars – or something similar. Includes a list of “people missing”

Here’s a list of all the known websites, thus far.

As for the new songs (click each link – and scroll down for download of MP3) :

(numbers are the track-numbers on the final album – Year Zero)

Thanks to ninwiki for all the info !


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