Community Announcement

Whilst driving to work this morning, I was listening to 3AW talk radio – as my (cheap) MP3 player is just about dead (damn headphone socket – had to jiggle & fiddle to get any sound out of it – might be time for an iPod).

Anyway, the target demographic for 3AW is probably a little “above” my tender years (nearly 35 !), and was interesting to hear some soothing music during an infomercial for Microsoft (!)

The context was about phishing (with a “ph”, as the voice-over said), and warned about replying to emails requesting logins, passwords and credit cards.

The ad wasn’t “alarmist” – just notified listeners to ignore any emails with such requests, or contained links to login, however legitimate they may appear :

“as your information will be captured, and the receipients will attempt to empty bank accounts, or undertake other criminal activities”

Lastly, the advertisement mentioned to install the “phishing filter” – by visiting (forward-slash) security.

The ad finished with “this is a community service announcement in the interests of safer internet usage, brought to you by Microsoft Australia”.

Nice one, Microsoft. đŸ™‚


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