Viral Music – Nine Inch Nails

Seems that the new viral website phenomenom has caught on in the music biz.   In which a website is created to spark curiousity & interest – thereby self-perpetuating the hype, from a Web 2.0 perspective (ie. the users are the ones generating the hype).
With the new Nine Inch Nails album scheduled for mid April, a series of websites have appeared, that have been discovered by some eager & attentive fans – beginning with some highlighted letters on the back of a new tour T-shirt (NIN have commenced tour of Europe).
On the back of a new NIN tour shirt, some letters are highlighted. These highlighted letters all come together to form the clause "I AM TRYING TO BELIEVE." This directly leads to other things, as is an actual site. This website and many others popping up with the same theme depict a very tortured, dystopic world.
The other websites that are related are :
And – even more "viralness" – needing to ring a phone number :
NEW! – On one particular tour shirt , much like the old tour shirt, some dates were highlighted, revealing the following number: 13102951040. This is a United States phone number. Calling it reveals a new "sound clip," featuring a small sample of "Survivalism."
More on this found
Trent Reznor has opened stated that his new album (Year Zero) is a soundtrack to a movie that doesn't exist. 
Seems like he's already got the movie played out in his head – will wait and see what eventuates.
And – there's a new song that been leaked (?) onto the internet – entitled "My Violent Heart" :
Just about to have a listen now !

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