V-day – or B-day ?

Today is Valentine's Day – ho hum.
I've never been one to understand or appreciate the "romance" factor for Valentine's Day – it's actually the LEAST romantic day of the year.
* Blokes buy overly expensive flowers – because their women expect them to do so.
Anything purchased out of obligation (or fear ?) – is to a fulfil a necessity – no desire remaining – it's a NOT romantic gesture.
* Women expect flowers from their man
AND – some are disappointed when they don't get (a) big enough bunch (b) wrong flowers (c) less than other girls at work
Give me flowers – OR – you don't love me.   
How romantic is that ?    NOT.
Here's an idea – DON'T do anything for Valentine's Day.
Instead – more romantic – blokes, buy your flowers as a surprise – not anniversary, or birthday – just "because".
It will be appreciated 10x what would be expected on Valentine's Day – I guarantee it !
Avoid the over commercialised rubbish – and overly expensive – remove expectations – and re-instate romance.   That's what I reckon !
Some blokes might have a hard time convincing their woman about ditching V-day – good luck, I say !
For Donna and I – instead of V-day for Feb 14th – we have B-day.
Our special lad Cameron is now TWO years old today – Happy Birthday, fella !

One thought on “V-day – or B-day ?

  1. Yes. YES. That is *exactly* the argument I have against valentines day.

    “I love you so much I’m going to drop far too much monies on a bunch of the same predictable flowers no-one else is putting money into”

    And the girls don’t reciprocate, and they get shitty that you’re not converting love into debt.

    Le Sigh. Thank you for making me not feel like a grumpy looser who’s the only one who “Doesn’t get it”

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