Size doesn’t matter

Microsoft have released the .NET Micro Framework, for small devices, such as Smart Watches and Digital Set Top Box'es.
The Microsoft .NET Micro Framework is an environment that extends the advantages of Microsoft .NET and the toolset in the Microsoft Visual Studio development system into a class of smaller, less expensive, and more resource-constrained devices than previously possible with other Microsoft embedded offerings
At first, it sounded like a re-badged "Compact Framework" – but this Q& from the FAQ answers that one :
Is there "overlap" between Microsoft .NET Micro Framework and Microsoft .NET Compact Framework?
Yes, there are some devices where one could choose either one. This is similar to the overlap between Microsoft Windows CE and Microsoft Windows XP Embedded. We think continuity is critical when choosing a platform, and now that .NET Micro Framework is available, the .NET architecture will span from big iron multiprocessor servers to very small and inexpensive devices.

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