Google video goodness + forgotten shortcuts

Have had a few “finds” on Google Video – as well as via some links sent thru email. A backlog of viewing, with some goodness found :

American Dad – Francine
From the episode when they moved to Saudi Arabia. A great fun song (a la Simpsons tunes) – with some great rhyming. A woman in Saudi.

The Tenth Dimension
With the answer to the 4th dimension already discovered (just need a flux capacitor), there’s now some quantum physics and research regarding SIX more dimensions. It’s all theory-based, but mathematically proven.

Make sure you have a clear head to watch this one – have to concentrate to understand – I had a headache after watching this one !

The Tenth Dimension

It’s based on a book by Rob Bryanton – Imagining the Tenth Dimension.


And you know those times when you find some shortcuts on your desktop, or some folder, with a link to something interesting – and blog’able – but never get around to it.

Well – a bunch of bits & pieces to follow :

The 30-Second Bunnies Theatre Library
Some very cool & clever animations, using bunny rabbits for all characters. Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Pulp Fiction, Alien – and Star Wars would be my favourites !

Each clip is only 30 seconds long – a very abridged version of each movie – but well worth a look & a laugh.

Top Ten Wierdest USB Drives ever – and Top Ten For 2007
A similar site to Engadget, the Fosfor Gadgets sites has a variety of new & geeky toys. They’ve compiled a list of the 10 wierdest “pen drives” – including the iDuck, sushi/yum cha – and Barbie USB drives.

The 2007 list includes the Chewbacca, Mince Pie, and Teddy. And don’t forget the “humping dog” – you simply plug in the USB key, and it starts humping the USB port !

Check out the video clip – very wierd indeed.

While you’re over at Fosfor Gadgets, check out their Top 10 gadget Top 10 lists – including strangest computers, computer mouse, travel gadgets and work gadgets.

Best Game By Microsoft – GORILLA.BAS
How many people remember this game ? This was included as part of DOS and early Windows O/S – as a Q-BASIC code file, that could be played on the PC.

qbasic.exe /run gorilla.bas

Read more here and here. Very nostalgic indeed. ie. getting old/er.

And, another old classic that was an extension of the “throw grenades and blow shit up” gameplay – Scorched Earth !

I remember playing that with mates at lunchtime – during my Uni work placement – 1992 (!)


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