NIN DVD – email update

Thanks to the Nine Inch Nails fan email list :

nine inch nails is pleased to announce the release of “nine inch nails live:
beside you in time”, available in stores on february 27th, 2007.

this is the first music DVD to be released simultaneously on DVD, HD DVD, and Blu-ray configurations.

“nine inch nails live: beside you in time” captures the “live: with teeth 2006” tour and includes concert performances of 24 songs spanning nin’s entire career plus music videos, rehearsal footage and more.

the HD DVD and blu-ray versions boast full 1080p high definition and dolby trueHD 5.1 digital surround sound for the most immersive home concert experience ever.

additional details, clips, photos and a high definition trailer for “beside you in time” can be found at

They even have some Listening Parties – but only in America – doh !

Will be grabbing that one for sure – and have to check it out on someone’s HD-DVD setup – or Blu-Ray.

Not like Trent to go the whole she-bang – full 1080p picture – and HD sound !

Will be awesome. And a new album to follow shortly. Big-Day-Out – 2008 ?!?


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