Big Day Out 2007

Jeez – what a BIG one – we left home about 9 am and didn’t get home again till nearly 1 am (!)Train ride into town & to Prince Park is always fun – excitement & vibe from other people on the way too – so many people crowding into the place.

The first part of the day was spent exploring & seeing a few bands “during a drive-by”. I saw Sick Puppies” whilst queueing for merchandise – the standard “stubby-holder” for the collection – I have FIVE now.

They’ve had a huge hit with their song FREE HUGS – with many hits to the YouTube video clip – only 9.5 million !

Will have to check out some of their other stuff – they sounded great.

Had a wander into the bar area next – was $6 for a beer – and $9 for a bourbon can ! Wasn’t stopping anyone though – lots of people about.

Good “beer garden” area – and lots of shade too – not too hot, but cooking when the sun was out.
Pushed & squeezed our way into the D area to see The Butterfly Effect. Have seen them many times before – and not liking the way they’re going. They’ve lost some of their edge – becoming too big for their boots in a sense.

And one of my buddies was calling them “emo-rock” !

Had to push my way out of the “D” to go to the next band.—-
A chockers tent saw the arrival of Trivium – the heavy-metal band of the day. And gee – they rocked ! Lots of hair flying about on stage – and great old-school rock riffs.

The lead singer really got the crowd wound-up, and then they played Master Of Puppets – an old classic Metallica song. The crowd went berserk ! Highlight of the day – thus far.

Sat and listened to some of Legends Of MotorSport – and then met up with my mates again after wandering solo for a while – ie. back to the bar.

Had heard about Lily Allen – and thought I’d wander down to The Boiler Room – along with half the Big Day Out crowd. In hindsight, she shoulda been on the main stage – was bursting at the seams.

Some cool funky jazz hip-hop, with attitude. Couldn’t see much, but nice grooves.

Back to the bar (again) – good to have a rest after lots of time wandering about – and some food too. Lots of “good” food carts this year – was some pretty crappy offerings last year.

Never cheap though – was $9.50 for a souvlaki – and $8 for a Nando’s burger (!)

Sat throught the last few songs of Salmon – local Melbourne band with 6 guitarists and 2 drummers. Very bluesy, AC/DC style – with each guy doing a solo – kinda cool.

Something For Kate are one of my favourites, but have disappointed the last few times. They were on the main stage last time – between silverchair and System Of A Down – kinda tough for them.

Some great songs from Echolalia – as well as more recent stuff. They’re officially a 4-piece now, no longer just the 3 of them up front, with another dude “off to the side”.

Left half-way through to go see The Killers, who some of my mates were keen to see.

But – wasn’t greatly getting into them, unlike many people about. They’re good at what they do – just not really my thing. So – I wandered back to see the rest of Something For Kate.

I bumped into an old work friend (Maria) – and said hello to some of her friends.

I’d forgotten how much I like SFK – was singing and dancing away up the back of the crowd – another highlight for the day.

After trying to get into the D once before – during John Butler Trio – I thought I’d have another last-ditch attempt to get to the front.

It was a squash and squeeze for about 1/2 an hour – only missed Jet, so no great loss there.

Some of my other mates had gone home by then – Vista girl was feeling sick – and another guy had finished half a bottle of Vodka on the train trip into town – and had passed his use-by-date.

Was just three of us remaining – for Muse.

I’d seen them before, but (I think) it was waiting for Metallica (BDO-04) – and was sitting down, and just waiting for them to finish, rather than watching them.

This time, they had a brilliant light show – and great songs – will have to check out some of their stuff – I didn’t realise they had so many cool riffs.

And then the main guy would play some piano – and then into a grunty rock-riff. Had a little does of Queen to them in some respects.

The last band of the day was Tool – lots of lights & show-screens & lasers – and a bass player with about 8 finger on each hand. I’ve always wanted to see them play – and they didn’t disappoint.

More rock-tunes, with lots of cheering & singing along. We’d lost another player by then – was just me, and Mark (brother-in-law) – we started out as 6, and ended up as 2 !

Then – after a great BIG Day Out – was a BIG Trip Home – thanks to Connex for cancelling trains to Glen Waverley.

We sat at Flinders St station from 11.15 pm – till 12 am – and so didn’t get home to bed till after 1 am !

Thankfully – I had a day off “in-lieu”. Ironically – from scheduled maintenance @ Connex !

Highlights for the day :
* Trivium
* Something For Kate
* Muse
* Tool

* My mate Andy, who’s battery in his digital SLR went flat after Trivium – and so he tram’ed down to Ted’s camera & video in Elizabeth St – and bought a new battery & charger.

Then – set it on quick charge, went to grab a coffee – and back to the Big Day Out – for more photos !


One thought on “Big Day Out 2007

  1. Yep… That’s what happened!
    Very BIG Day out!!!!!
    Good day, Good Crowd, Good Mates, Good Drink, Good Food, GREAT MUSIC… That’s what it is all about!

    NEXT Year look out for “Kids in Cults”

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