Copy, copy, copy

Or – should that be steal, steal, steal ??
With the development of Windows Sidebar Gadgets, it’s pretty easy to have a look at the code that someone has written.   Admittedly, I had a poke about other gadget code – in order to work out how certain things are done.
And – if I was going to publish someone else’s code “as my own” – I would at least ask !!
Sounds like blurg has been ripped off – check out these THREE gadgets that ALL have the copyright within – attributed to Alex Burton (blurg).
And – interesting that the dude responsible has called himself “the law” – but doesn’t actually KNOW the law !
Only a few weeks after the same thing happened – ie. someone ripping off code from another dev’er – and calling it their own.
I guess the only reason no-one has ripped off MY gadget code is that it doesn’t do much !  

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