Back From Away Days

Have just returned from two days away with all of SDM at the annual “Away Days”. This consists of many, many conference sessions – covering demos, corporate strategy and plans for the year, as well as views of the past year.

Always interesting to hear some of the management team discuss where they see SDM at present, and where we’re going, and opportunities and risks ahead.

One of the interesting sessions was our MD showing the demo he gives as the “C-level” demo – for CEO, CIO, CTO, etc.

He essentially just shows he & SDM can manage the business from a web browser – including travel requests, leave, collaboration portals and so on – and how many clients simply say “wow – I want it – how much ?!?”

It’s great to be part of an organisation with such a passion for technology – and “do it right” in their own running of the business. Many companies I’ve worked for have simply been body-shops, and lots of smoke & mirrors, with not much process or professionalism behind the mask shown to clients.

Also, a session on SDM values – what are they, have they changed, what should be changed, etc.

Again, good to be part of a company that can step back to examine itself, and be so introspective about what we do.

Of course, there was the BBQ dinner and drinks night – lots of laughs, and fun. A few sore heads the next day – a slow start for many !

So – as the final message stated “the stage is set” – some good action plans for 2007 – and a lot of work to do – onwards and upwards.


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