WPFE, Orcas – CTP

Great interview with Scott Guthie, about some of the new technology on the way – and the MIX-07 conference (end-of-April).
During the interview I talk about WPF/E, VS Orcas, IIS 7 and the upcoming Microsoft MIX conference on April 30th – where Ray Ozzie and I are the keynote speakers.
WPF/E sounds interesting – graphics within a browser, with the WPF look/feel – just a 1 MB runtime download.    I was wondering what the path was to get WPF "into" a browser.    Will be some great web-sites to come. 
VS.next (Orcas) will have XAML support, and intellisense for JavaScript / AJAX.   
The CTP for Orcas is available as a virtual machine – great !   Easy to get running with it, was a bitch to get the WF pieces working previously, with the Beta and CTP releases.  
Of course, you can still download the instal bits, and get it running that way.

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