Presenting workflow @ MOSSIG

As posted by Will, I'll be presenting at MOSSIG – discussing workflow within MOSS (out-of-the-box), and Sharepoint Designer – as well as Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)
And to compare & contrast with K2.NET 2003.
This will cover the "escalating" complexities of workflow – and give people an insight into when you would choose each of these tools/platforms – and some of the business'y reasons for doing so.  ie. not juts because it's new/cool (WF).
So, why is it "Windows Workflow Foundation" = WF ??
They shoulda called it WWF !     Then again, there's the World Wildlife Fund – not just the wrestling – that's now called World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) – not World Wrestling Federation (WWF).
At least there's no WTF – leave that to The Daily WTF.

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