Can’t feed the wookie

Have been having lots of troubles with the RSS feed from

This was causing a multitude of problems – within Outlook-2007 especially – all posts would be displayed as published on 01/01/2007 (?)

Part of the problem may have been due to some settings in MyDomain were a bit naff – I’d included the file-name in the URL to redirect to.

Instead of >>

I had set it as >>

As I’ve now ditched the name “intelliblog” – and removed the file – but the re-direct was still forwarding to this address. I’m surprised it didn’t cause more troubles.

Furthermore – it seems the feeds that are automatially generated are a bit odd – there’s both an atom.xml and rss.xml.

When reading from Outlook-2007, the feed would work with one of them, but not the other – and would be different depending on the domain name prefix.

I had a choice of FOUR basically :


All four would work fine within Internet Explorer – but only (1) would work correctly within Outlook-2007.

Anyway – I’ve NOW created a feedburner link to the correct feed link – so, can you please re-point your RSS aggregator to :

All this hoo-haa has re-ignited my need to move to – but not until they can inport from *new* blogger !

Lastly, I’ve had some success with email blogging – so no need to have Word-2007 connect to – I can just email my posts !


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