Elmo Pinata

Whilst I don’t have an XBox-360, I’m always interested in the new games out there, and what people are playing.

Elaine from SDM has been raving about Viva Pinata, and how you can grow your own Pinata’s (!). Sounds like a fun game, with each “creature” having unique personality and character traits.

Whilst walking through Target on the weekend, I saw a few pinata’s of Elmo and Cookie Monster. I bet you couldn’t grow THESE guys on your Xbox !

It made me laugh – firstly, at the fact that Elmo is EVERYWHERE – soon you’ll be able to buy Elmo’pod (once Apple makes a red flurry iPod).

Secondly – can you imagine all the kids belting Elmo with a big stick or baseball bat ?!? And you think setting him on fire is bad ?!?



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