More gadget’ry

Following on from my recent Most Viewed Articles gadget, I’ve been fiddling with a few ideas, but nothing ready to show as yet.

From a few discussions with guys at work – and following on from the updated & “digitally re-mastered” version of the blurg OptusNet Quota gadget, I’ve been reading and doing some research.

Found a few GREAT links – that give some good insight into creating gadgets. There’s some really nifty dev’ers out there – lots of cool stuff going to come along.

I’m not running Vista full-time at home, so have to re-boot (dual boot) to work on my gadget. Also – doing study for a Microsoft exam, which I should be concentrating on !

So – for future reference (mine and yours) – here are a few good links :

  • MSDN Windows Sidebar – including the full object model, and overviews. Some of the doco is still being created – but has the properties, methods and events that you need.

Something that *I* was wondering about was the ability to drag-and-drop a file onto a gadget (without giving away too many gadget ideas !).

Seems someone else has the same idea/question – read an answer here.

There is one question that I have (if you know an answer, please let me know) – how can you do a POST from a gadget HTML FORM object ?

I have a gadget (shall remain nameless) that works fine from Internet Explorer – ie. POST to an external web page, and displays new page (correctly).

BUT – when trying from within the installed gadget, it’s as if the values are NOT being passed across to the subsequent page/form.

I had thought to use the XMLHTTP and do a POST that way – hhhmmmm.

As mentioned, if you have an answer for this – pls. let me know !

Lastly, the gadget files – where are they ? When you “install” a gadget, it simply copies files to a specific location on your local PC hard drive.

This can be very useful when looking at other gadgets for “research” purposes – ie. how did they do that ?!?

So – navigate to C:\Users\Fred\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar – and there they are…

More importantly (and the reason I was poking about) – is the SETTINGS.INI file – where all gadget values are saved & retrieved from (

It looks like the settings are stored in plain-text – but will be secured “per user” – you wouldn’t be able to see the settings from other directories.

Here’s an example from SETTINGS.INI – for my Weather Gadget :

[Section 5]

So, that’s it for now – shelving my gadget work until February – back to studying !


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