Useful tip for multi-user VM

When developing & demo’ing from a Virtual Server, there is often a need to do “multi-user” switching.

For example, might need to have different user context for Internet Explorer – where a website may be using Windows Authentication.

Case in point – running Sharepoint 2007, and wanting to view different “My Site” pages – and the corresponding work item list from K2.NET 2003.

Normally, can just right-click on the I.E. logo – and then do run as – and enter the required user credentials. This can get pretty tedious & annoying.

The above screen-shot is from a demo I’ve been preparing with the Denallix VM. It’s a fictitious Contoso-like company – as done by Microsoft – but this time, it’s from SourceCode (K2.NET).

Here’s the way to do – makies it EASY to jump in-to and out-of Internet Explorer – and Outlook-2007, as a specific user.

  • Create a shortcut as you would normally do so

  • Set the TARGET to include runas.exe, the user name and the specific EXE
  • %windir%\system32\runas.exe /user:domain\user /savecred “%ProgramFiles%\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe”

  • %windir%\system32\runas.exe /user:domain\user /savecred “%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Office\OFFICE12\OUTLOOK.EXE”

Just need to replace the “domain\user” with the specific user account.

And – if you logon to the VM as “Administrator” – there should be no need to enter the user’s password, and can just “run-as” the specific user.

Create multiple icons for IE and OUTLOOK – for the required users – and with different icons.

Give it a try – great for single-server VM demo’s – Sharepoint 2007 especially !


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