1977, 1987, 1997

With the arrival of 2007, and heading towards the ripe old age of 35, it’s interesting to note what other “anniversaries” are to occur this year.

My initial thought was about the movie STAR WARS – it released in 1977 – and is going to be 30 years old !

I can remember going along to a cinema in Elsternwick with my Dad, and being shit-scared (terrified) of Darth Vader. I would’ve been 5, nearly 6 years old.

My Dad still recalls people from work mentioning “you gotta go see it, go take your kid to it”. And it must have been near the end-of-run – Dad had trouble finding a cinema that was still showing – and there was only 10 people in the room.

A timeless classic – 30 years old, jeez !

Next – I did a quick directory search of my MP3 folders, with YEAR prefix’es.

Didn’t have any from 1977 – but have a look at the list from 1987 – remember that this is 20 years ago !

Faith No More – Introduce Yourself.
Their first album – before the big success of “The Real Thing”.

Guns N’ Roses – Appetite For Destruction.
A landmark record in the world of rock/heavy music. Probably THE album that commenced my love of all music that is “metal” – well, it started the journey anyways.

I bought it on cassette – after hearing “Welcome To The Jungle” – before “Sweet Child O’ Mine” was even released !

INXS – Kick
Another big release for rock/pop – sending INXS into the league of MAJOR player – with many, many album sales in U.S. – and lots of Top Ten Hits.Also, probably gave them mega-millions, lots of groupies – and drugs too – ultimately what destroyed Micheal Hutchence.

U2 – The Joshua Tree
One of the biggest selling albums of all time – another “launcher” for a band to become a MAJOR player. Some great songs – including “Where The Streets Have No Name” – and “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”.

All of the above – are now 20 years old !

Skip forward 10 years – to 1997.

Some more great albums, many of which I still listen to, and it’s hard to believe they’re 10 years old !

Prodigy – The Fat of the Land
I remember seeing the film-clip for “Firestarter” – and thinking “my god !”. Keith with his reverse mohawk (shaved down the middle – and spikey sides).

I was eagerly awaiting this album – put it on last weekend actually. Brilliant dance/rock fusion.

Limp Bizkit Three Dollar Bill, Yall
Another stand-out record, could almost considered “genre defining” – as with the above.

Rock/Rap had been done a bit, but not with turn-tables and metal riffs. Angry vocals – and hip-hop style – very unique, very cool – listened again yesterday.

Limp Bizkit went on to HUGE success, with a few more great albums – currently in the “where are we now” file.

Coal Chamber – Coal Chamber
Strangely labelled as “spooky-core” – kinda gothic punk-metal. Took a while to really get into them, but love this album now. And the follow-up “Chamber Music” (!)

Singer is now fronting DevilDriver.

Fear Factory – Remanufacture
Remix album, following the HUGE success of the Demanufacture album (1995)

Metallica – Reload
Follow-up to the “Load” album, something referred to as the “Load Of Shit” album.

But, includes “Fuel”, a great song, and still being included in their live set.

Radiohead – OK Computer
Very highly regarded by some, maybe I just don’t get it. Kinda gloomy & moody.

Some have compared it to a “Dark Side Of The Moon” for the 90’s – ie. listen intently following inhalation of a certain variety.

Snot – Get Some
Brilliant album by a fairly small L.A. band – just as they were reaching some BIG potential, the leader singer (and his dog) were killed in a car crash.

Something For Kate – Elsewhere For 8 minutes
Bought this after the soul-tearing “Captain”. Some great heartful lyrics. No bullshit – grungey folk music, in a sense.

Deftones – Around The Fur
Great riffs, another band that can’t be pigeon holed into a particular style/genre. Saw them at The Corner hotel – amazing live show.

Foo Fighters – The Colour And The Shape
Follow-up album for Dave Grohl’s one-man-band effort of 1995. Has gone on to bigger and better than Nirvana could’ve hoped for / Kurt Cobain would never have wanted such fame & success.

“Monkey Wrench” – great sing/scream along rock song.

Machine Head – The More Things Change
Another follow-up, for San-Francisco heavy metallers. Almost better than the already brilliant debut album. One of my favourite bands – by far. Excited by their NEW album – due in 2007.

Jeez – might have to dust off some of those classics. A few other mentionables – not in the same league as the above – but still, 10 years old – HAPPY ANNIVERSARY !

  • Faith No More – Album Of The Year
  • (HED)pe – (hed)PE – more rap/funk/metal cross-over – very cool
  • Ben Folds Five – Whatever And Ever, Amen
  • Blink 182 – Dude Ranch – includes the brilliant “Josie” – the reason I bought it !
  • Creed – My Own Prison
  • Helmet – Aftertaste – follow-up to Betty, was eagely anticipated
  • Savage Garden – Savage Garden – one of Donna’s all time favourites
  • Sevendust – Sevendust
  • The Corrs – Talk On Corners
  • The Crystal Method – Vegas
  • The Offspring – Ixnay On The Hombre
  • The Sundays – Static & Silence
  • The Whitlams – Eternal Nightcap

So, how many of these albums do YOU remember ? Where were you when you heard them ? And who were you with ?

That’s MY way of remembering those albums – 10 and 20 years on.

Time to grab the headphones – ‘scuse me while I kiss the sky.


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