Unblogged from Word 2007

Have had some troubles blogging from Word-2007, after a few successful uses.

(1) Multiple posts from Word-2007
Dues to some user inexperience (ie. dumb user = me), I lost a post by the way I was using Word-2007.

The blogging from Word-2007 involves creating a new document, typing a post and then clicking “publish”.

To do a second post, I should have opened a NEW document – rather than clearing the text, and doing the second post.

As a result, the SECOND post over-wrote the FIRST post. I guess this is due to Word-2007 assuming that I am doing an “edit” of the FIRST post.

Anyway – that’s something to know for next time.

(2) Blogger.com (new) doesn’t support Word-2007
Have migrated my blogger account over to “new” Blogger, following the completion of the BETA trial. But – suddenly, the publishing from Word-2007 doesn’t work !

Jeez – and from searching Google, there doesn’t seem to be a fix for it (yet).

Not sure if this is a deliberate step from “Google” to break some cool new functionality introduced by “Microsoft”. Dunno.

Might be time to move to WordPress – having been with Blogger for 3.5 years.


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