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Always exciting to hear news about Metallica – and what they’ve been up to. Been a fairly tumultuous 4-5 years for the band, following on from James’ Hetfield’s addictions & subsequent rehab and the band almost imploding – as witnessed on the Some Kind Of Monster DVD.

Great viewing, even if you’re NOT a fan of the band.

Their last album (St.Anger) was a bit naff (IMHO) – sounding like it was recorded very rough & raw – and could’ve been better. Almost like they were obliged to put out a new record. Was highly-regarded by many, but it’s not their finest hour.

They then went on a world-conquering tour, complete with an entire rendition of Master Of Puppets (as the 20-year anniversary). Completely sober – putting on some killer shows – including Big Day Out 2004.

Well, the latest news is regarding their NEXT album.

They’ve made a departure from Bob Rock (apparently, it’s his real name !) as producer, who’s been “with” the band for about 15 years.

He was responsible for the much of the success of the Black album – ie. Enter Sandman, Nothing Else Matters, Unforgiven, Sad But True – released in 1991 (!)

Likewise – he was reponsible for the piles of dog-poo known as Load and Re-Load.

Bob Rock thought he was IN the band – not just their sound mixer/producer. And they needed to divorce him, to reinvent themselves (recording).

The NEW producer is a guy called Rick Rubin – who’s worked with Slayer, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, System Of A Down and Audioslave.

And, as Lars Ulrich said, he has “a completely different energy, a whole new vibe.” That’s GREAT news. VERY, VERY MUCHO GREAT NEWS !

More here – METALLICA ‘Really Revitalized’ By Working With RICK RUBIN

Update : This post was originally entered within Word-2007, but had to be copy/pasted across to the online editor ( – due to the new inconsistency between the two products (doh !)


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