Plans & ideas for 2007

Well, things have been well-and-truly happening for – just hope that I can maintain the momentum.

It’s been good to have some time to tinker & fiddle, during the Christmas / New Year break – as I’m heading back to work tomorrow.

Once again, taking a lead from another blogger – and can then look at this list in early 2008 and see how I’ve fared.

Some of my thoughts/plans for the coming year – ie. my goals list (not so resolutions)

>> Workflow / Sharepoint / K2 / Black Pearl / Vista / Office-2007
>> Do Microsoft Certified Exams – one has been bugging me for years – need to knock it off the list
>> Determine other roles/activities for ME within SDM
>> Contribute to user groups – presentation of K2 / WF

Rest / Play
>> Play some sport – squash and/or golf – and use the gym set in garage
>> Find time for other ME activities – decide what those would be (!)
>> Read a book, instead of watching crappy TV
>> Reduce download addiction – movies & games that I never get time to watch/play anyway !

>> Back garden – remove the Conifer trees (Chris O’Conifer’s)
>> Build garden beds / landscape
>> Front garden – finish garden bed mower strip

Family / Friends
>> Take Cameron for more bike rides / day activities
>> Have more date-nights with Donna
>> Try to get another baby on the way “this year”
>> Enjoy time with Donna and Cameron as the three of us – assuming another baby arrives (IF)
>> Less stress about friends & family – and their life complexities & issues (enough of my own !)

>> Do blogging from a online diary perspective – for later years – for me, Donna & Cameron
>> Blog for me, not what I should or shouldn’t be saying

Other (more ambitious/expensive)
>> Learn to sail / scuba-dive
>> Do extension for house, to accomodate #2 child (?)
>> New PC for home, install Vista
>> Digital SLR (Canon EOS 400D)

There ya go. Nothing too full-on, except those last few.

And have already got the blogging one happening – will see how the rest goes.


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