News of new arrivals

Had a post a few days ago about an old work friend who was about to become a dad – well, now he IS a dad !

Congrats to David & Penny – with the arrival of Daniel Zavier. Sounds like a few tough days – but home & all OK now.

Another friend of our had a baby boy on Boxing Day (Dec 26th) – Ryan Robert, first son for Nathan & Tracy. I’ve known Nathan since grade-4, and Tracy since about Year-12 – it’s great to see them sooo happy – and all doing very well.

When we visited in the hospital, his proud grandfather (who has a fairly nutty sense of humour) showed us a photo of Ryan on day-1, with the TV behind showing Shane Warne’s 700th wicket. &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp ’twas a memorable day &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp *laugh*

They’re a big sporting family – and the fight is already on to see if Ryan will be a Collingwood supporter – or a Melbourne supporter !

We had a BBQ with friends last night, and Nathan, Tracy & Ryan all came over – with Nathan doing pack-horse duties – and loving their new Magna station wagon ! (bigger than their “Lancer” 2-door was).

Congrats N&T – and welcome to Ryan.


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