Date Night

Not often that Donna and I get a night to ourselves, but thought we’d take advantage of the generous Grandma offer to babysit Cameron.

We headed into the city – to check out the eyes, lies & illusions exhibition at ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image) – at Federation Square.

Neither of us had really been to Fed Square, other than a wedding in the “racing museum” overlooking the Yarra.

Amazing to see how many nooks & crannies there are within Fed Square – could nearly get lost among the various pathways & entrances.

The exhibition was great – old history of optical illusions, and early 3-D photos from 1870’s (!).

And those kind of flip-book moving pictures that we used to draw with stick-men in our dictionaries at high school.

Reflection, refraction and other light-oriented physics discoveries have led to knowing how the eye works, and thus, how it can be deceived.

These pioneers were hailed as magicians – I guess the term “movie magic” has stuck with us since then.

Donna and I then wandered over to Southbank where there was a production company filming a short-movie about a trumpet player, or something like that. Looked a bit artsy & odd – will see if it appears on cinema, or another expo somewhere.

We just wandered along the river & Southbank, and stopped for a few quiet moments overlooking the city. Nice to just hang out with Donna, without an agenda, or timeframe imposed (!)

Dinner – headed to La Camera at Southbank. THE most amazing calamari I think I’ve EVER had – and a great risotto also – Donna and I shared both – had to fight for the last few calamari’s.

After wandering back to Fed Square, we stopped in for Chocolate Mud Cake, and coffee – which we both kinda regretted afterwards !

Home then, and started watching the awesome new TV services – Heroes. The lads @ SDM have been saying it was good – and we’re both hooked for sure.

We’re through about 7 of the 11 episodes so far – next NEW one isn’t till late January – so we should’ve caught up by then.

Thanks Donna, for a fun & relaxing evening – hope we can go on a date again soon !


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