The year that was – 2006

Well, almost time to head back to work, just the weekend remaining for my two week break over Christmas & New Year.

I almost feel like the year doesn’t begin until work resumes, back into routine, habits & “normality”.

So – here’s some reflection on 2006, an idea stolen from another blogger.

This time last year (work)
Was running about crazy getting ready for a go-live in late January. Wasn’t any Christmas or New Years days off, just the public holidays. In fact, Christmas kinda “got in the way” – as people were unavailable, or didn’t seem too fussed.

A significant upgrade of a computer system was needing before “the single fucken biggest event in Melbourne for 50 years” – a direct quote from our client – referring to the Commonwealth Games (!)

It was either work harder (and harder) – or move the date of the Commonwealth Games.

Made it to the end, and was a pretty big success – long night for installation (overnight) – and then off to Adelaide for SDM’s “away days”.

Was great to see some of the Adelaide folk, although I’d missed the first day of presentations – but not the BBQ and drinks. Was just knackered & spent by then.

Next gig (work)
Was hoping for a .NET project after that – having spent the first 3 months of my new job doing VB-6 ! I coulda stayed at my old company !

But – was some bright prospects at SDM – lots of Sharepoint, CRM, MCMS – and more. Until I went to an unnamed client (and took a pretty hefty blow to ego/morale).

I was replacing the tech.lead while she was heading towards maternity leave. A fairly tough client, I’d been warned – but nothing like I’d expected.

This lady (?) would be condescending and unnerving, causing me to fumble through thoughts – it made me really wonder if I’d lost my “edge” – and that I couldn’t do this as a career anymore.

I stuffed up a few things (in my eyes) – and the project ended up going on-hold. So, three resources back on the bench – at a time when $ were tight.

And then – retrenchments for three work colleagues – lucky that I wasn’t one of them.

Kinda spoilt the nice time I was having at SDM – and partly felt like my fault. If I hadn’t messed up, and the project halted – and three resources NOT on-the-bench, then maybe those retrenchments wouldn’t have happened.

This – on top of the humbling experience at “X” client.

I did learn a valuable lesson about the concepts of “custom software” – and the NEW NORMAL that we were facing – re: packaged software VS custom-written (bespoke).

It was a decent shock for most people…

Those are my immediate thoughts & recollections about the start of 2006 – lots of hard-work, and then some bad-work.

Thoughts via post(s)
But – has been interesting to re-read some old posts – and think a lot about the year that was – not just work :

  • Playing with / excited about Windows Vista


  • Big Day Out – silent disco / Cog / Shihad



  • Cameron’s 1st birthday (!)







  • Anticipation / excitement about XBox-360



  • Channel 9 guy – video’s / source-force



  • User groups – security summit / VDNUG / MOSSIG



  • Cameron with the flu – sad lad



  • First Content Management Server gig – Primus



  • Second Content Management Server gig – City Of Melbourne



  • Concerts – Hatebreed, Fear Factory, Megadeth



  • Thoughts on how different life will be for Cameron – as he grows up



  • 10 months with SDM (9.9 review) – another review due soon



  • Renovations at 53 – walls removed, lighting, new door, etc



  • Selling investment property (rental) – new financial plan / investments / budgetting



  • TV – Lost, 24, Mythbusters, Top Gear, American Dad





  • New arrivals for MANY people (babies galore) – special welcome to new niece Amelia



  • Sharepoint 2007 – Beta project for South East Water



  • Trip to Sydney – K2’ing



  • Holiday to Queensland



  • Chicken Pox !


*phew* A lot happens in a year ! When you see people that you haven’t spoken to for a while, it’s often “what’cha been doing ?” – and the reply usually “aaah, not much”.

Well – not I can say “aaah, shitloads actually !”

On immediate reflection, my main thoughts (ie. blog-posts) have been (not surprisingly) :


  • Work – and nerd stuff



  • Family – Donna & Cameron



  • Music (concerts) – less and less


Activities “in general” :


  • Lots more time spent in front of a computer – laptop (work) or home-PC



  • Lots more time with Cameron & Donna



  • Less time with friends (mates) – and less time for “me”



  • Less stresses with money – rental property / one income – and new plan afoot



  • Occasional XBox game !


I think I’ve come out fairly un-scathed from it all – even with the turmoil of April-2006.

Thoughts for 2-0-0-7 ?

Currently re-grouping – more soon.


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