Major wardrobe malfunction ?!?

Oops – looks like some Japanese folk have learnt a lesson the same way that Janet Jackson ! (aka Nipple-gate)

Was during the recent New Years Eve 2007 celebrations.

TOKYO, Japan (Reuters) — A troupe of dancers in skin-colored body suits had Japanese national broadcaster NHK apologizing to viewers of its New Year’s Eve music special for what seemed to be a full-scale Janet Jackson-style wardrobe malfunction.

The dancers, who all appeared to be topless and wore skimpy bikini-style bottoms and feathered headdresses, covered the stage during a performance by singer DJ OZMA, prompting about 250 viewers to phone in and complain.

From CNN

Here’s some pictures (1, 2, 3) for those wanting to see what all the fuss is about !

And a YouTube video clip of the offensive song – I can kinda understand why some folk woulda got upset – only 250 people though. Those wacky Japanese !

Speaking of wacky – here’s a GREAT prank, in which 100+ people just suddenly run at an unsuspecting innocent by-stander. Some great reactions – especially the last one !


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