Dear Mr. BenQ

What’s a grumpy wookie to do ?!? My monitor is STILL being repaired – and has pissed me off enough to lodge a complaint on the BenQ website (see below)



I have my BenQ monitor being serviced by THOMAS ELECTRONICS located in Dingley Village, Melbourne – and am fairly disappointed with the level of customer service.

Admittedly, it’s the Christmas / New Year period, and so I’d expected to have taken a while to repair – but it’s nearly 3 weeks now – and it’s been ME that has to ring for an update.

From my last call, I’ve found out that it’s already been looked at by a technician – and a part being ordered – but none of that was told to me – until I phoned.

I would have thought that today’s days of “service” would involve keeping the customer up-to-date with progress, that it has actually been looked at – and the expected return date ?!?

As it stands currently, I was told to ring back – “end of next week” – but who know if it will be a wasted phone call (again).

It will then be 4-6 weeks until I receive my repaired monitor (it’s less than a year old) – and NO phone calls or any information from the repairer – it’s been ME that has to chase THEM !

Can you please take note of the lack-of-customer involvement – it’s REALLY annoying !



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